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Change Brings a New Chapter in Our History


This little church on the mountain has a rich history spanning nearly thirty years. The Rev. William J. Buehler, former pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Springerville, believed in a strong central church surrounded by satellite missions led by lay people. The Alpine Community Presbyterian Church was the fifth such mission of the Springerville church, the only one still in existence. In the fall of 1986, a committee was formed to continue the planning for Alpine. After an organizational meeting and short worship service, the Alpine mission was launched. The first formal worship service was held on February 15, 1987 at the Forest Service District Office in Alpine.


In 2014, this little mountain church began a new era in our community. For several years it had been discussed that we should seek to be released from the Grand Canyon Presbytery, and re-organize as a non-denominational church. Church members met with a discernment committee from the Presbytery in March, and we shared our desire to be released. (We were formally released from PCUSA on November 6, 2015.)


... In this way we felt our church could better serve the local mountain communities. With the diversity of our church backgrounds, we believe there will be more unity as a non-denominational church. The committee agreed, and recommended that we be dissolved from PCUSA. This recommendation was officially granted in May. Following worship on May 18, anyone interested in the re-organization was invited to share their thoughts and ideas. A new sign was painted, and steps were taken to change necessary legal documents. It was decided to hold an official church meeting during the summer, so that our summer folks could participate in the final decisions of reorganizing.


Following worship on August 10th we had a church picnic and the first official meeting of Alpine Community Church, Non-Denominational, was held. Dedication Sunday was planned to take place on September 7th. As a new chapter of history begins for this loyal group of attenders, there is a peaceful assurance that God's church will prevail in the Alpine community. A sweet spirit of family togetherness can be found in our congregation, and all regular attenders look forward to welcoming all who walk through the door.


A miraculous update:


On Friday night, November 6th, in a unanimous vote, the Discernment Committee agreed to let us leave the PCUSA. We simply owe them the cost of legal requirements associated with our dismissal. Praise God! His mighty power continues to guide and bless our little church on the mountain! 

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